Sea Vegetables

Sea Vegetables (SV) can be a very useful and beneficial addition to your diet. SV are very high in trace minerals and can lead to weight loss by chelation (pulling the toxins out of your body). Our modern agricultural practices have led to a decrease in the nutrient density of our crops due to a degradation of our soil. SV maintain a much higher nutrient density (up to 30 times more minerals and vitamins) because we have not begun to degrade the nutrient density of the ocean. Due to this it does not take a lot of one SV in order to get a significant amount of the benefits. SV can be added to stocks, soup or beans to increase the nutrient value (Kombu/Kelp, 2″ strip, can be used twice) and agar can be used as a gellatin in vegan cooking. If you grow your own vegetables you can add SV to your soil in order to improve the nutrient quality of the soil. SV can typically be found at your local asian grocery store or macrobiotics section and online. Look for the following SV in your grocery store or online (Maine Coast, Eden Organics, Emerald Cove).
Kombu/Kelp – Kombu is from the Pacific Ocean, Kelp is from the Atlantic Ocean. Also high in Iodine
Wakame – This is an easy SV to get used to
Hijiki – Strong flavor
Irish Moss – Used in raw food diets a lot
Agar – Can be used instead of gellatin

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