The Timing of Meals (Part 2)


The second part of this equation is simple. Natural detoxification through the daily under eating phase. This allows the body to remove toxins that you have in your body daily. When you eat a large hearty breakfast that activates your digestive system you are literally (break)ing your (fast). Fasts have been seen as healthy by many cultures throughout the years. Even today you will see ads for detoxification fasts of any kind. This style of eating allows a daily fast (controlled fast while under eating) as well as an opportunity to “indulge” in the evening. I was relating this to a friend whom has been doing this naturally for years and he put it like this.

“It’s easy and undeniable whence experienced – the body’s natural purification in the am, and the dissipation of hunger throughout the day…and the permitted and “healthy” bit of hedonism @ sunset. Every time I hear the 6 small meals a day, all i think of is self slavery.” Todd BandiagaRA

“Detoxification is literally the neutralization, breaking down, and elimination of waste and toxins from the body. Every organism and cell has ‘anabolic and catabolic processes.’ The anabolic process deposits material – whether good or bad, protein, fat, or toxins – into the tissues. The catabolic process destroys and takes material away from the body, whether it’s through burning fat, eliminating waste or removing toxins. This cycle of depositing material and removing material should be done on a daily basis. If one of these processes does not happen properly, you will eventually get sick. Detoxification ensures the elimination of waste and removal of toxins. This is an essential part of the life cycle.”

From “The Warrior Diet” by Ori Hofmekler.

By allowing your body to detoxify and not activating your digestive system throughout the day you will be able to feel more awake and alert. Your body will function at its best. It will allow your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to function throughout the day, and then you will have your parasympathetic nervous system (feed or breed) function at night when it is time to relax. Your mind will function at it’s peak during the day while you are fasting. The lion must be at it’s peak while on the hunt, and as predators our bodies are geared to operate at its peak while on the hunt. Our version of the hunt has simply changed to our jobs. You might have some hunger throughout the day, but this is quite ok. Drink some water, maybe eat something small, and move on. Then eat to your hearts content when you get home. Start by eating raw foods such as a salad, then move onto other vegetables and meats. If you would like to eat grains then you should eat those towards the end of your meal in order to crowd them out. After you have eaten until you are full, stop eating. If you continue to be hungry a little bit later then you should feel free to eat more. It is not about counting calories. You may eat as much as you need to in order to feel satiated. I certainly have never seen a lion with a scale.

We must eat in accordance to whom we are, predators, and stay active (assists with insulin regulation and normalization of all bodily functions). One main meal a day and exercise several times a week. If you do this your body will be rewarded with greater health. If you would like more information on the diet then you should check out “The Warrior Diet” by Ori Hofmekler.
As always I propose that you know your body best and if you feel in danger or ill at any time you should see or consult a medical professional that can examine you in person.

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