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The Workout: Russian Kettlebell Challenge

My goal as a fitness enthusiast is to enhance my life through physical fitness and to ensure that I am able to live a long and healthy life. Functionality is my main goal. I want to be able to move and to enjoy all of the facets of life. Finding a program that is effective, fun and easy to keep up with is very important as well. I have gone through several adaptations of my fitness regime; from running, pull ups and pushups as a Marine; to cycling everywhere as a bicycle commuter; to hitting the gym hard and using kettlebells. While I have maintained a satisfactory level of fitness throughout my life I must admit that I have not been working out much at all lately. In fact with all of the changes in life recently, my workouts have gone to the wayside. So, today I will share with you my plan in order to regain my fitness. I am intending to focus on building strength versus building muscle hypertrophy (more on this later).

This is how I intend to do it.

I am going to focus on the Enter The Kettlebell program. Starting with the program minimum and then focusing on the Rite of Passage. The first month will consist of only warmups, swings and getups. Enter the kettlebell is a fantastic resource for starting a kettlebell regime. I will be using a single 24Kg (53lb) kettlebell (typically you start at 16kg (35lb) and I will be following the program as set forth in this PDF:

Click to access AOS%20-%20Enter%20The%20Kettlebell%20Workbook.pdf

updated link thanks to staffaction: I appreciate it –

This will allow me to chart my progress as I go in an organized fashion.

I am very excited about this program. It is simple and brutal. The fittest I have ever felt was when I was working out hard with kettlebells. Up to now I have not followed this program specifically. I intend to focus on my form and to build a very solid base for the continuation of kettlebell training down the line. My goals are to press half of my bodyweight in a strict military press and to complete 200 snatches in 10 min with a 24Kg (53lb) Kettlebell. If I can accomplish this in six months I will be very happy.

If you have any interest in kettlebell training I would suggest that you go to the dragon door website.

They have a lot of information on the site and sell some of the best kettlebells that I have ever seen. “Enter the kettlebell” is a must if you intend to start training on your own without an instructor. I intend to consult a RKC instructor as I learn. I own two kettlebells and they will always be a part of my fitness routine, as well as free weights which I will rotate in throughout the year.

I am currently a paltry 156 pounds. My typical weight is around 165 and I’d like to get to a very fit 170-175.

After the Rite of Passage I am going to move onto the program laid out in “Return of the Kettlebell” (Pavel Tsatsouline), as well as “The Purposeful Primitive” (Marty Gallagher) and “Power to the People” (Pavel Tsatsouline). I’m going to rotate these programs throughout the year. Approx 6 months focusing on kettlebells and 6 months focusing on free weights.

I’ll be posting my results regularly with each program.

How are you keeping fit? I’d love to hear about your progress and ideas as well.


Great article on Kale

This article was found on Organic Authority’s website. It’s a great and quick read on Kale. It pushes the anti red meat pretty hard. I’m not entirely in that category. As long as you choose high quality grass fed/naturally raised meats I think they can be nutritious. However, with the shape of our jaw which allows for more of a grinding action, I do believe that we are mostly herbivores by design with a small amount of our diet being meat. Enjoy the article. It’s a quick read.

7 reasons kale is the new beef
Article Written by Jill Ettinger