The Basics of Inflammation

Inflammation has been shown to be the cause of many chronic diseases, if not all of them. So what is it? Inflammation in the medical community is all of the “itis” diseases such as arthritis, gastroenteritis and colitis.

Inflammation is a normal disease/injury fighting bodily process. Pain, redness, swelling and heat are all outward signs of inflammation. It is the macrophages and white blood cells being rushed to the site of inflammation. Inflammation can occur anywhere though.

Chronic low level inflammation keeps the body working constantly. Therefore the chemical messengers are always active when they should not be and this is leading to disease. Some of the causes of this are toxins, injury, stress, not enough sleep, not exercising, emotions, unhealthy food choices and drinking too much alcohol. Food affects everyone differently. You must think about and be conscious of what you are eating and how it makes you feel. You can do this by having a food journal. This way you can figure out your trigger foods. Chronic inflammation has been shown to lead to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, autoimmune disease (AIDS/Lupis), cancer, fatigue, allergies, asthma, stroke, depression, aging, arthritis, alzheimer’s and osteoporosis. Sometimes with the constant assault the bodies defenses fail and the body turns onto itself.

You are able to reduce inflammation through a few simple ways. You can attempt to control environmental toxins as much as possible, get more rest, exercise more, decrease your drinking and work on your mental well being. Mental well being can be enhanced through any sort of meditative practices that you may choose. You can also eat foods that are higher in Omega 3 and decrease the Omega 6’s that you intake. You can eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whole foods, fish, good oils (olive, coconut), decrease your polyunsaturated oils and decrease your grain fed unnatural meat intake. If you do eat red meat you should eat grass fed beef. Due to being properly raised they have a much more favorable Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio.

Top inflammation fighting foods

– bok choy, collards, brussel sprouts, cabbage (cruciferous vegetables)

– Leafy greens such as chard, spinach, lettuce, kale

– Legumes such as beans and peas

– Citrus fruits

– Berries

– Whole grains

– Beta Carotene foods (orange colored) such as carrots, oranges, pumpkin sweet potato

– Spices such as turmeric, ginger and garlic

– onion

– green tea and ginko biloba

– fermented foods

– sea vegetables

– It is also important to get sunlight and to eliminate sugar

Controlling inflammation is very important to your overall health. It is far more than just the food you eat though. You must always treat yourself well through exercise, proper sleep, meditation and recovery. There is extensive research on inflammation and it’s causes and effects. If you’d like to learn more please grab a book and have a good read.

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