On meal planning

I hate meal planning, it is quite simply something that I do not enjoy. I have spent hours upon hours thinking about what and how to eat. I admire those that can do it with such efficiency. I am not one of them. I learned to cook for my own personal survivals sake. I learned to cook because I wanted to be healthier and I knew that the only way to do that was to take charge of my health. I am not a foodie. However, I am efficient, capable and really quite good in the kitchen these days, but, as I mentioned, I hate meal planning. So I attempt to let the seasons be my meal planner. IT’s simple, healthy and you’ll end up eating a greater variety of food than you normally would. You can usually get a seasonal box from your local farm and eat what shows up, or go to your farmers market and try something new. Throw in some meat if you so desire and you are all good. A few short visits to the grocery to fill out your pantry and now you have a seasons full of random recipes and ideas.

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