On cooking

While I am not a foodie, I love cooking, especially soups. My midterm exam in culinary school was a creamy carrot soup. This was one of the best lessons of my life, well actually the next week was. My soup turned out ok during the midterm. There is a specific quality to a good creamy soup that must be reached, and I am quite capable of reaching that with any soup now, but that is not the lesson that I learned. A fantastic Thai lady that quickly became a fantastic role model for me taught me this lesson. As I found the perfect consistency to my soup I just couldn’t get it to taste right, so I went over to this lady and we discussed. Her answer…add salt. taste…add a little more…taste…and a bit more…bingo…the soup then tasted fantastic with almost nothing else added. It was simple, use great ingredients, ensure that they are cooked well, add enough salt to bring out the flavor, but not enough to taste and then let nature do the rest.

It’s a beautiful world we live in. Take simple food, great produce and well raised meats, add a few simple ingredients and cooking processes, and then enjoy. It can be done with friends and family, and it should be an experience of culture and communication. Cooking is a form of communion, and it is a form of communication

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