Introductory Guide to Great Health and Longevity Part 1 (soil)

The Natural Advantages focus is on health and wellness through natural foods and physical fitness. I am a Marine, paramedic, natural chef (health and wellness), lifelong fitness enthusiast and student. I am interested in empowering others with the ability to care for themselves and subsequently set themselves free in order to attain their highest ideals. This is what I have learned.

Health From the Ground Up

It is my belief that health starts in properly cared for soil. In this natural state we grow the perfect foods for our bodies. Once we eat these foods we unlock the health benefits of these foods through our genes. This is seen through a new study of epigenetics. Eating locally, naturally and sustainably allows for us to enjoy the variety of seasons. By growing our own food we are able to take control of our health. We are able to empower ourselves in our lives.

Why the Soil is so Important

Growing your own plants is one of the most important things that you can do in order to maximize your health. Not only do you get exercise, you also produce fantastic tasting and healthy food. You will save money in the long run and you will save time as well because you don’t have to go to the grocery store to purchase all of your ingredients.

Increasing the health of your soil will make an impact on the health of your edibles. This then transitions into an immediate impact on you and your health. Through a healthy soil you increase the disease resistance of your plants, you also maintain a high level of nutrient density in your plants and you will also gain exercise while working with mother nature. It is often seen as a meditative process as well which allows you to reduce your stress and contemplate those things which must be contemplated.

Cuba was a fantastic living example of the power of food on it’s community. During the cuban special period Cuba had to go through a complete reformation of their agricultural practices. This is because they lost the support of the soviet union. Cuba had to change their agriculture from a predominitely conventional based agriculture program (much like the US uses) to a mostly organicly grown agricultural program. This has had a terrific effect on the health of the individual as well as the soil. The transition was not easy, however, the community that exists now is very strong and has a great understanding of food.

This is the process that I am learning now. I currently do not garden, nor do I work with any farmers at this time. I however am planning on spending the next several years focusing on sustainable agriculture. As I learn I will pass on any information that I come across.

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