To Empower Yourself or Not

In order to take charge of our health we must believe that we are able to. Our culture tells us that we are disease prone due to genetics, and while I will admit a genetic tendency to disease patterns, I refuse to believe your fate has been written in stone because of your parents genes. No…I say that while disease runs in the family, more importantly food choices and environmental factors run in the family (Epigenetics is a fantastic new study into how the environment changes the genetic structure by turning on and off certain genomes. You can find more about this in the book Pottenger’s Prophecy). The idea that our health is controlled by a genetic tendency forces the individual to give up their belief that they can change their destiny. In my opinion this is one of the primary causes of the health disaster that we call America. If you believe that you are unable to change your health destiny, especially since the “experts and doctors” tell you so, then why would you research or even think about possible alternatives.

Our sincere lack of individual empowerment allows us to be prey to an establishment that has a focus on their bottom dollar. This system includes an agricultural/food like substance industry which creates a sick population and pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies who are in bed with the FDA and government and also medical schools that train doctors from an allopathic perspective that does not train in holistic nutrition in a very busy system that does not allow for a significant amount of Doctor/patient consultation. The system does not benefit from creating a healthy population. This system is designed to create a population that is perpetually sick. This system wants a population that has a barely managed chronic disease. By doing this the entire system benefits. The food industry (which specializes in unhealthy food like substances) continues to sell their product with a significant amount of help from the government (just try to find subsidies for organic growers vs those of corn, wheat and soy), the insurance companies continue to sell you insurance because you are “unable” to take part in your own health destiny, the doctors continue to see you with a guaranteed paycheck where they then prescribe you a pharmaceutical in order to combat your ailing health and the government receives funding from all of the lobbyists in the medical community, just in time for you to continue down your destructive path without any true health information or encouragement so that you may end up starting all over in a month or so cycling through the medical community once again.

You must understand that you’ve been lied to. You’ve been molded to believe that you must rely upon an authority. The authorities believe this to be true as well. Forget all of that. You are the authority. You are your own sovereign. You can take charge of your life at any moment. In fact, you must do this.

The simple fact is that…we are the most capable beings on this earth..we can learn from each others mistakes…we must empower ourselves. When it comes to your body and your health you must listen…there is no greater power than you. Listen to your body. It responds to good and bad choices. If will guide you to the answers. You choose your health destiny. You decide your fate. If you choose to place that power into another’s hands then you place your fate into another’s hands. While you should take into account the advice of professionals, you alone, control your destiny.
While I was thinking about this post I ran across this on a friends Facebook page. She has a great blog called You can follow her on Facebook as well.

I hope you enjoy the video and I hope that you think about the power that you possess and start taking charge of your health destiny. This blog is full of non traditional information that is based upon a holistic understanding of health. Health that begins with natural food and activity. You can change your health destiny. Here I am providing the information necessary in order to do just that. My initial cues for health have always been to find out what is the most natural things I can eat and do. This should appeal to everyone of faith or not. However this world was created it was beautiful and has worked tremendously well for far longer than we have been engineering foods.

and here is a great article if you have a few moments to read it:

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