Fight Disease with Food

Diabetes is a brutal disease and it is directly linked to many others. For years, while working on the ambulance, I was able to see inside the homes of many sufferers of this disease. A typical diabetic call would involve my partner and I showing up to a house with someone who is unconscious, breathing deeply with snoring respirations and very diaphoretic. Typically its a fairly simple call. Get there, determine alertness, check some vitals, get a blood sugar, determine your treatment plan and then sit back and let the magic happen. A lot of times we would start an IV and begin giving Dextrose to the patient. Typically they wake up a few minutes later, become fully oriented, finish the examination, collect more history and then head on off to the hospital. During this timeframe though you would be surprised how much you will see in a patients residence. You become acutely aware of your surroundings and you pick up every little clue to help inform your medical decision making. The same would be found in nearly every home. Processed, low quality food and quite possibly a significant amount of candy (one house had an entire wall with a table dedicated to it). These eating habits are brutal to the human body. As we have discussed easily digestible low quality simple carbohydrates are one of the greatest factors in weight gain and insulin sensitivity.

Luckily Dr. Mercola has a great article about how diet and exercise can reverse type 2 diabetes. It is an easy quick read, with lots of information. Check it out, it could be one of the most important things that you can do. If it remains uncontrolled it will lead to a hardening of the arteries all over the body, therefore you will have decreased ability sexually, strokes and heart attacks, eye problems, kidney problems and/or neuropathy. The list goes on. I must say, feet like this would make me want to think twice about what I was eating.


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