Back to the Start

We live in a beautiful world. A world of such promise and overwhelming opportunity. However we seem to spend all of our time working towards a product. The newest this or that. Instead we should open our eyes and enjoy what we’ve been given.

We have an opportunity to experience life. Life, which is much greater than a consumer product, is brilliant, it is interactive, and it is enlightening and daunting all at once. Most of us don’t even know where our food comes from anymore. Most have never visited a farm, much less met a farmer. Our connection to life has been severed, for it is the food and companionship that comes with great food, that binds us to it. How else should you be connected to the world, than through the land that nourishes you, and those that you share that land with?

The animals that feed you and the plants that sustain us are the most important resources. They are what give us the opportunity to be alive, yet we refuse passion towards these necessities, instead looking out for the newest and greatest.

No thank you.

I say that we go back to the start. I say that we find and choose a life worth living. I say that we cultivate our land and friendships and relationships and find meaning in it all. There is such beauty in this world, the least you can do is have love and compassion for those creatures that give their lives for yours.

Lets go back to the start.

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