Power to the People style workout charts

This is simply a look into my workouts. These are the charts for the last 14 weeks. I have been performing the bent press and the dead lift for two sets of 5. I have also been performing the getup for 1 set of 5 and I have been doing sprints/snatches and swings for cardio. Hopefully this glimpse into my fitness world is helpful for you. I have done this while going to school full time and working full time. I have had weeks where I have simply not done certain exercises. The Get Up Seems to be the most likely to dismissed. Between school and work I have had about a 70 plus hour work week and I have somehow managed to maintain a healthy social life with my beautiful girlfriend. Towards the end of the semester I was particularly tired and mostly focussed on building strength.

Over the last few months I have successfully increased my dead lift from a 200 pound starting weight with a shaky 245 max a few weeks later to a max of 315 x 2. I have done this through cycling my workouts as discussed in other portions of my blog. I am now taking a week off to rest and to go to New Orleans. I used the Power to the People method from Pavel Tsatsouline. Over the last few months I have not gained a single pound with this strength. I still weigh approximately 163-165 on any given day. Therefore I have proven that you can gain strength without gaining size. I have also determined that I am going to change the bent press to a different pressing movement. I am going to use the kettlebell clean and military press. I was never able to get fully comfortable with the bent press. I’m certainly no Arthur Saxon.


Here I am attaching my workouts in a pdf friendly file. I use an iPhone app named Full Fitness to track my workouts.

Note: the weights listed are per side. I use a 45 pound Olympic bar. Therefore if it states 100 pounds that is actually 100 per side plus 45 pounds equaling 245. It’s easier for me to track weights this way.


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