The strangeness of being an animal that requires a nutritionist

Doesn’t it seem bizarre to you that we have nutritionists? What other species requires a nutritionist? It shows how far removed we are from nature. How far removed we are from our original destiny. It is quite sad that we as a species are unable to discern what is and what is not food. It would seem to me that, for all of our brilliance, even the smallest creatures amongst us have a greater innate intelligence. It is greater because they understand how to live. They understand what is required to fuel their bodies and to ward off disease. They are more intelligent because they understand what it takes to survive. We as a general population do not. If you were to remove the 3 day supply of food in the grocery store then there would be panic. In fact anytime that a disaster happens that interrupts the just in time food stocking of our grocery stores we have mass hysteria. This is one of the reasons that I am so interested in agriculture. We have become a population that is so far removed from our selves that we are unable to fend for ourselves.

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