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Vacation for me and a quick video for you

This has nothing to do with food or health.  It is quite pleasing though.  Watch it all of the way through for a good laugh at the end.

PORCELAINIA from Dave Altizer on Vimeo.

A Short Rant

We live in a beautiful world. We live amongst brilliance each and every day and we are suffering. Our friends and our families are suffering. Those that we have never met are suffering. We live in a beautiful world that is wracked with ignorance and dis(ease). Our world does not have to be like this. My life has been spent in the pursuit of freedom and truth.

As a young child I desired nothing more than to be a United States Marine. I craved the culture of the Marine Corps. I wanted to live with a code of ethics. I wanted to defend the country that I was raised in. I believed that the United States of America was the greatest country in the world and offered its’ truth to all. I learned a tremendous amount about myself while I was in the Marine Corps. I learned my truth. I witnessed the truth of America first hand. My focus changed.

America is not the greatest country in the world. In fact this is showcased clearly in the opening scenes from Newsroom from HBO. We are not number one in health or longevity. We have created a culture of governmental dependence and we have abandoned our previous virtues of hard work. This country has been hijacked by “experts.” We have abandoned common sense for the muddled pool of information from others.

How does a Cheetah remain the fastest land animal in the world? What diet does that Cheetah use? What special exercise routine does that Cheetah maintain to create the most beautiful vision of speed this world can produce as seen in this slow motion video? Which expert does that Cheetah consult? That Cheetah simply lives a natural life. It runs to chase down food when it is hungry and it eats real natural food that is found on his hunting grounds. That Cheetah does not require an expert to tell it what to eat or how to live. It simply lives and listens to his bodies communication. When he is hungry he eats. When he is tired he sleeps. Why should we be any different.

Our health has deteriorated dramatically. Some may claim that the major causes of death in 1900 were communicable disease such as Tuberculosis because the average life expectancy was less that 50 years of age and lifestyle diseases start later in life, therefore not having the chance to be the cause. This would allow modern medicine and vaccines the opportunity to extend the life expectancy in the modern age today where these chronic diseases are then able to take effect and become the new major factor of death.

In response to this I would focus ones attention onto the Pottenger Cat Study. This is a brilliant study from many years ago that showcase the ever decreasing age of onset of disease in a familiar pattern from parent to child by using Cat’s as a study population. Therefore with enough generations it will be clear that the former argument would be insufficient to claim the causes of chronic disease as a natural pattern. When one group of people can remain nearly disease free while another group remains wrecked with disease we must then look at the differences of those people.

While I admit to a small amount of genetic tendency of disease I will not accept that as the norm. I believe that disease runs in the family because lifestyle choices run through the family. I believe that anyone paying attention can assert this claim. Every single one of us know of families with multiple chronic diseases. Do you also know of a family that has chronic disease with one member of the family not affected? Is this because that member was not burdened by the genetics of the family or did that individual change their lifestyle choices? There is a study called Epigenetics which emphasizes the lifestyle choices as the cause of disease.

These are important questions to ask because it determines our health involvement. This determines the involvement we have with our own health, those of our family and friends and the involvement we have with those that we do not know. When we understand the fallacy of genetics as the cause of chronic disease then our responsibility towards our health becomes clear. It also becomes clear that we should not take the advice of the misguided experts who profit off of our dis(ease). We are rapidly approaching the ends of our old truths about health and quickly finding our new truths. We must become more involved in our own health destiny. This information is critical to the health of ourselves, our families and friends and our nation as a whole. The entire fabric of society at this time is based upon untruth. We must empower ourselves once again.

What I know is that an empowered individual is the key to fixing the world. It is the truths that we find inside that matter, not the truths of the “experts.” If our current system was working then we would be ranked much higher than 38th in a list of developed countries in our health ranking.

There is the continuous argument that healthy food is expense. Well so is medicine and health care. Imagine a world where everyone was eating high quality healthy food. The first thing that would happen would be a decrease in the cost of those foods as well as an increase in jobs for those producing it. Furthermore we would have a cumulative effect of societies health becoming better and therefore less overall preventative health care costs. There would be less reason to subsidize chronic disease therefore reducing the burden from the shoulders of the healthy individuals.

This world is quite beautiful. Sadly it is misguided. This world does not have to remain this way. We may and we must share our innate knowledge and truths with each other in order to maximize our effects. We live in a world that can be so much more.