A day of cooking for a weeks worth of food

If we are what we eat and we are pressed for time then we must determine a way consolidate as much cook time into a shortened period of time. By cooking at home we are able to increase the nutrient density and control of our foods as much as possible. I recently watched a documentary where a family was able to produce a tremendous amount of food on a small plot of land. I believe this is extremely important and much of the reason that I am beginning my studies of agriculture at Texas State University. Today I am more interested in the idea of the production of beans that this couple has. Reaching back to my previous life as a Natural Chef (Health and Welness Emphasis) student I remember discussing and subsequently creating many stocks in school and afterwards. This led to me producing many many soups on sundays for use throughout the week.

It seems as though it’s time to revisit how to produce food quickly with most of the work being done in one day. If you are able to set aside one day then you can produce a lot. This couple uses the time it takes to cook beans (soak overnight before cooking) to also produce stock at the same time. This is a great time saving maneuver. This alone will help you save time. However I was thinking about another way to continue this trend on the same day. I would cook my beans while producing a meat stock (usually chicken). I usually use an entire chicken in my stock, allowing me to cook the chicken meat at the same time, but this is how to break a chicken down. At the completion of both of these endeavors I will then combine both of the stocks and cook them down to an appropriate amount of liquid. Then I cook a beautiful soup in the very nutritious stock. While you are awaiting your delicious soup to finish you could put the now completed beans into the fridge for safe keeping and eating throughout the week. I’d also cut/shred the chicken for use throughout the week. You can also create a salad for the week by cutting and prepping some fresh vegetables and fruits and make salad dressing. You could even go as far as packing the salad individually for each day like this. You can also start/finish your no knead bread for the week.

At the end of the day relaxing at home you would have then completed cooking

1. beans for the week

2. chicken for several days

3. extremely nutritios soup for the week

4. bread

5 salad for the week.

As long as you make it through most of the week eating well then you are doing good. I believe in eating mostly well and enjoying yourself. This is an easy way to create good food quickly for the week. Enjoy.

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