Container garden start

I am in the Agriculture Department at a local college and one of my classes requires us to create a container garden.  Therefore I have chosen to create a low income edible food garden that could be placed anywhere.   For this garden I am using a cloth reusable shopping bag and dirt from our garden in the backyard.  I’ve simply shoveled about a third of the bag full of dirt and added seeds.  Quick, simple and effective. I have added Beet, Chives and Spinach to the garden.  I just recently planted these seeds.  With these three items I can easily make a nutritious beet/spinach creamy soup or you can enjoy them separately.  

An added bonus to having beets handy is that you are able to test your bowel transit time.  You should be having a bowel movement within 8-14 hours after eating.  Therefore you should be using the restroom 2-3 times a day.  In order to test your bowel transit time you must eat solid beets (not liquid or juice).  The test is simple.  Eat some beets and wait to see it on the other end.  There will be a red tint to the water when the beets do pass.  

I’ll keep you updated on the garden as time passes and there is lots more to come from the blog so keep on checking back.  Here’s a couple of quick photos of the garden.

IMG 5725IMG 5729

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