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The Turkish Getup

The ketttlebell getup is a fine exercise that I use on a regular basis as my first exercise of the day.  This is my first exercise because it is a slow griding pressing movement that awakens every muscle fiber of my body.  I typically do only one set until I begin to lose form.  Depending on the weight I am using that day it may be 7 or 8 reps per side or only a couple. You can easily set a timer to 5 minutes and work through as many as you can in that time.  Do not rush through them though.  The most important portion of this exercise is simply being under the weight and developing that tension.  MMA and wrestlers love this exercise for the amount of constant effort it takes to perform.  Either way it is a great pressing movement which has the reputation of rehabbing injured shoulders and increasing total body strength.  It is an exercise that requires focus from the ground up and back down.  It is one of my favorite exercises.  

In this exercise you begin the movement by laying on the ground and safely retrieving the kettlebell and pressing it upwards away from your chest.  You then begin the movement of standing up while holding the kettlebell above you at all times.  This movement requires sharp focus as you move throughout your bodily planes while maintaing the kettlebell above you.  I have seen strict guidelines to the performance of this exercise and I’ve seen others say that you simply get up however you are able.  Either way is effective in my book as long as it is done safely.  

The getup trains the movement of standing up from a lying position.  This is a movement that is a daily action of nearly all individuals.  According to Dr. Mercola the sitting-rising testis a great indicator of your health.  “Those who scored the lowest, requiring the most assistance to sit and rise from the floor, were 6.5 times more likely to die during the study period than those who scored the highest.”

During this exercise you must remember the following:

1. Focus on the bell the entire time

2. Maintain muscular tension throughout the exercise.  From the beginning to end.

3. Keep your wrist straight.

4. Maintain your shoulder in the pocket.  Maintain a vertical arm throughout the movement.

5. Do not rush the movement.

This has been a great exercise for me to perform at the beginning of my workouts. I would highly suggest checking it out.  It can be done with a straight bar as well.  Try it and practice and I promise that you’ll love it.  

Here is a video demonstrating the turkish getup.

My Current Workout in Brief

After completing the 10,000 swing challenge I have settled into a great workout routine.  I am able to exercise my entire body with heavy weights and intense cardio in as little at 45 minutes per workout performed 3 times a week.  It is incredible in terms of amount of work per minute.  Instead of spending an inordinate amount of time working out individual muscles in order to increase the size of the muscle, I choose to work out my entire body in order to develop strength throughout my body.  I will go into more detail in upcoming posts.

I am currently performing the Kettlebell Getup, Bent Press with a kettlebell, Deadlift and kettlebell swings/snatches.

The getup is performed for 1 set as a warmup.  I stop before I lose form.

The Bent Press and Deadlift are performed for two sets of 5.  Increasing the weight regularly until I reach a max.  At that time I drop the weight down and increase it once again surpassing that previous max.  There is more information on this in previous posts as well as in Power to the People

After I perform these movements I do my swings or snatches.  On Monday I do 20 minutes of swings with a medium weight (53lb) kettlebell.  On Wednesday I do snatches with a light weight (44lb) kettlebell for 10 min and on Friday I perform swings with a heavy (62lb) kettlebell for 15 minutes.

Here are a few quick videos of each of the movements and then I’ll talk more about them in future posts.