The Deadlift

One of the greatest exercises available to you is the deadlift.  This exercise requires the individual to lift a static weight upwards off of the ground until you are standing.  This exercise works an astonishing amount of muscle group in the body.  In fact the only portion of the body that is not sufficiently worked in this exercise are the pressing muscles, these muscles are worked through a pressing movement which should be incorporated into your exercise routine.  

While many claim the squat as the king of exercises I would disagree.  The deadlift is the true measure of strength and has great usefullness.  The ability to pick an item up off of the ground while using the entire body is both functional and a great test of strength.  Everyone must pick things up. It is rare that one must hold an item on ones shoulder and simply bend ones legs.

The deadlift is an extremely safe exercise that may be performed without a spotter as well.  This is extremely important when choosing exercises.  Proper form is critical to the health of the body and the ability to perform this exercise without a spotter increases the opportunities for performing the exercise.  It is not the weight of the lift that is dangerous it is the form of the lifter that causes injury.  Therefore you should always maintain tension throughout your body during the lift.  

The deadlift strengthens the legs and the entire posterior chain.  The deadlift has the ability to build massive backs with regular practice.

An old school deadlift workout might consist of 5 sets of 5 for size.  Other options are two sets of 5 with a weight that is 90% of your max on the first and the second being 80% of your max for strength.  You may also work your deadlift through a ladder routine as well.  In order to achieve “muscle confusion” you must change up the intensity of rep ranges of your exercises not the exercise itself. However you should maintain  consistent program for at least 4 months to maximize the potential of that program.

Therefore you should buy an olympic weight set and start deadlifting.  You’ll be happier because of it.  I know that I am.

Things to remember when deadlifting.

1. Approach the bar with the intention of completing the lift.

2. Sit backwards into a chair instead of bending your knees as in a squat.  Tense your body as you move into your starting position.

3. Maintain a straight back and the natural arch in your back.  Keep your head up.

4. Lock your shoulders into place.

5. Grip the bar with straight arms.

6. Pull the bar from the floor by pushing with your feet.

7. Stay on your heals as you lift and let your arms hang.  Do not pull with your arms.

8. Stand up straight, do not hyperextend your back.

9. Let the bar and yourself move quickly to the ground by sitting back in order to get your knees out of the way.  The lift ends at the top of the movement.  Your risk of injury increases greatly when lowering the bar slowly.

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