Patriot: an unscheduled break in your regularly scheduled blog.

To this date I have avoided politics in this blog. I am a former Marine. The base of my decision making is freedom. Honor is admirable and rare. As is courage and commitment. Difficult standards in the best of times. Look seriously at your world. It is not what you think. I am a patriot…for myself, my love, my family, and my future progeny. I sent the below to my family. We all have motives in life. Mine is freedom, liberty…brilliance for all.

A patriot I am. For those that pay attention it is a fascinating and scary time. This is a message to my friends.

I’ve never been more clear, never more confident, never more concerned. I expect nothing of my future. The future is for those younger. We are the beginning. The base of a long downturn. Everything is up from here. We won’t experience all of it. All we can do is stand strong and send them off. Be an example to the future. We are the only example of this day and age. One day our progeny will be free once again. Let us instill in them the lessons learned from a brilliant experience hijacked by the international bankers (federal reserve is a private instruction). Let us alter the prescribed course of the technocrats to that of true freedom. This is our mission, for there is none other. We must care for our progeny.

We live in a time of concealed tyranny. Without a struggle danger consumes. Let us fight so that our progeny prosper in a time of freedom.

The major issue is whether or not we as a nation choose to abide by a set of rules which were codified in the Constitution of the United States. This document, and those freedoms, allowed the US enormous prosperity in a relatively short period. Since the adoption of this document many of the protections have been circumvented or completely ignored. Look at the amendments to the constitution. Many of them directly attack the original system of federalism by changing the way that elections should be done. The states were intended to have power over the federal government through the senate as well as the electoral college. The US was never intended to be a pure democracy. And it worked well. Now, a nation with immense capabilities in terms of information gathering, had been dumbed down ad subverted by the ruling elite. They are not required to follow the same laws as us and they refuse accountability or even transparency. This is obvious to anyone. Yet we sit here doing nothing. Hell, most don’t even understand why they should be upset. It is not an issue or right verse left, which is a false paradigm (the true paradigm is totalitarianism and anarchy with people’s law in the middle slightly skewed towards anarchy). The basic belief system of this nation has been eroded away over decades by a very intelligent criminal elite. What are you going to do about it?


Check out the National Center for Constitutional Studies for some great books for more information.  

Well worth the watch.

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