My Simplification of Fit

I choose fitness.  The path to this goal is simple.  Kettlebell clean and presses in a russian ladder style as prescribed by Pavel, and swings/snatches.  A few deadlift and some kettlebell goblet squats. I am not doing anything else.

Why did I choose this?

1. Fitness programs must fit into our lives.

2. Fitness programs must not exhaust us.

3. Fitness programs must be brief and enjoyable.

4. Fitness programs should not dominate our lives mentally.

5. Fitness programs should be mobile.

6. Fitness programs should be tough, but simple.

7. I like kettlebells.

This program, while brief, works every muscle in your body.  This program allows easy, yet effective, programming.  This program uses only 1 kettlebell at a time with the option of adding more weight/another kettlebell in the future.  I am using an Olympic weight set, but deadlifts can be completed with kettlebells as well. This program allows for an extremely dense physical effort associated with slow strength presses and high levels of exertion.

My interest in general fitness leads me to this solution.  I have spent hours in the gym working at a high level and increasing size.  This for me becomes exhausting.  I have lifted heavy with low reps.  This again does not satisfy me.  Performing upwards of 75 presses per side in a dense quick workout with a quick, fast, and hard cardio session at the end works well for me.  Plus, once you accomplish the rite of passage all will notice your strength.

Keep pressing, keep swinging, keep living

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