What if?

What if everything that we have been taught has been a lie?  A lie intended to keep the average individual from prospering.  What if the educational system was designed to make you dumb?   What if our entire lives have been previously mapped out by a nearly invisible hand behind the scenes?  What if this invisible hand was not the productive invisible hand of an actual free market system that Adam Smith talked about in his work The Wealth of Nations, but was actually an elite that controlled our reality so that they may harvest our work for their benefit?

What if the modern healthcare system was setup by elites  in order to ensure that the people stopped listening to themselves and instead turned to the rhetoric of science to cure them of all ails?  What if medicine actually harmed, what if disease was actually preventable?  What if modern medicine and pharmacology was used to maintain disease instead of eliminating disease?  What if the disease theory of genetics was wrong?  What if you were able to control your health destiny as Epigenetics suggests?

What if the political system that runs your daily life was a farce intended to allow only those chosen by the elite the ability to be in office?  What if democrat and republican were two brothers in the same family?  They may quarrel, but in the end they will always work together.  What if the original system of the government that America designed was extremely effective, yet through long term planning it has been completely overrun and corrupted?  What if we returned to the principles of liberty that allowed America the opportunity to thrive?

What if entertainment was used to distract you from the true issues in this world?  What if the elite remembered how Romans were pacified through the Coliseum and now, sports is the pacifier of the average American male?

What if fitness is simple, but hard work?  What if walking simply isn’t enough?  What if eating a healthy diet was simple?  What if those in charge want a population that is sick, weak and distracted?  What if they are emasculating men on purpose?

Do you feel as though everything is OK?

Does government appear to be a benefit to your life or does it appear to limit productivity?

What if the welfare state is intended to destroy America through socialism?

Do you feel as though the wars that have been fought have been for your benefit?  What if the military industrial complex benefits from wars?  What if the government consolidates power through war?  What if a Medal of Honor winning Marine General wrote that War is a Racket?  What if governments routinely commit false flag attacks on themselves in order to consolidate power?

What if the currency that you use was the basis of this attack against you?  What if the people that created that currency weren’t even a part of the federal government?

What if you knew that these elite thought of you as cattle for the slaughter (at end of document)?  What if you knew that they intended to eliminate nearly 90% of the world population?  What if waking up to and researching all of this information was all that you had to do to begin to eliminate this threat?  What if the elite have worked behind the scenes because the people would never go along with this if they knew?

What if you knew?

What if you informed others?

Would you to save yourself, your family, and your children?

I would.

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