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simple truths

While i was cleaning today i ran across a step tracker thing.  This, while seemingly unimportant Item, unleashed a firestorm of thought.  You see, this is the reason that America is not fit, and this is the result of a population that does not want to face facts.  Now…I am an unapologetic American.  I am a constitutionalist to the core and I joined the service in order to stand up for these ideals (I know…the military is being used improperly).  The beauty of the constitution is the fact that it is based upon ultimate truths.  Those truths are simple and include the following.  

Men are best left to govern themselves.

Men gravitate towards power

Some government is beneficial for society.  

The best way to ensure that men do not become tyrannical is to bind them to certain rules (our constitution) and to have the power separated within the federal government as well as between the federal, state, and local level.  

That educated men should be able to choose their representatives through a constitutional republic system.

When individuals in power choose to ignore these simple truths their motives are likely impure.

This is certainly not a complete list, but as mentioned above the system is based upon truths.  Men will try to consolidate power and use their position to screw over those who choose not to participate in government.  This is a simple truth.

Now, how does this relate to a step meter thing?  

Well it’s simple, we live in a country where our fitness experts tell us to walk to become fit and healthy.  

This is bullshit.  

While walking has health benefits it is certainly not effecting any sort of dramatic change on anyone.  The simple truth is that the human body requires intense physical efforts applied regularly and proper nutrition in order to maintain proper health.  

Intense physical activity is based upon fitness level and can be improved upon regularly through training.  

The step walker meter training bullshit is simply pandering to the lazy, unhealthy, and weak.  It’s a simple thing people can attach to themselves to feel better about themselves without actually doing any hard work.

There is nothing attractive about being overweight and obese.  It is unhealthy and it is costing the healthy American’s dramatically.  The insurance payments that healthy individuals pay are going to the obese peoples healthcare bills.  Individuals have every right to be obese or healthy, to each their own, but you do not have a right to make me pay for your poor choices.  

Furthermore, American society would be far better off if we expected health and wellness and promoted those things which actually produced health, wellness, strength of mind and spirit.  Instead we pander to the obese idiot who knows they should be eating better and working out harder.  Our pandering allows these individuals to feel good about themselves because they strapped a damn step counter to their side and counted the 200 steps they took while ordering Mcdonalds as a fitness accomplishment worth noting. 

Superior fitness is hard, health and wellness is not, the simple truth is that if we expected ourselves and the others around us to be healthy, and promoted it as possible and built individuals up mentally, then we would have a much better society that faced reality instead of a society that believes we are healthy yet largely relies upon pharmaceuticals to keep ourselves alive.

Eat real food

workout regularly

do difficult things

be healthy – mentally and physically – you might find you like it.

Throw away your damn step meter – it’s stupid

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