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On meal planning

I hate meal planning, it is quite simply something that I do not enjoy. I have spent hours upon hours thinking about what and how to eat. I admire those that can do it with such efficiency. I am not one of them. I learned to cook for my own personal survivals sake. I learned to cook because I wanted to be healthier and I knew that the only way to do that was to take charge of my health. I am not a foodie. However, I am efficient, capable and really quite good in the kitchen these days, but, as I mentioned, I hate meal planning. So I attempt to let the seasons be my meal planner. IT’s simple, healthy and you’ll end up eating a greater variety of food than you normally would. You can usually get a seasonal box from your local farm and eat what shows up, or go to your farmers market and try something new. Throw in some meat if you so desire and you are all good. A few short visits to the grocery to fill out your pantry and now you have a seasons full of random recipes and ideas.

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Hamburgers Tonight

One should not fear their food. Therefore recently we decided to have hamburgers. These are typically thought of as unhealthy options while being associated with fast food. However I believe that they can be perfectly healthy from time to time. This is how we did it.
We first took about a half of a pound of ground beef, 1/4 to 1/2 cup of chopped onions and salt and pepper. This we formed into two massive patties which we pushed down a little bit in the center (helps it cook evenly) and then slowly cooked on med/low heat in my cast iron skillet because we don’t have a grill right now.
While they were cooking we toasted the whole wheat buns and got the toppings ready. We had mushrooms, radish, lettuce, onion and homemade ketchup.
When they were done cooking we put them all together and enjoyed immensely without fear of being unhealthy.


The grassed beef provided us with a good dose omega 3’s and all of our essential fatty acids.
The radish provided cancer protection and a high level of vitamin c.
The lettuce is usually a good source of chlorophyll and vitamin k.
Onions have high levels of vitamins c, b6, biotin, chromium and dietary fiber.
Mushrooms are powerhouses full of phytochemicals which have great anti cancer properties. They’ve also been known to be great for immunity.

So there you are, a great dinner and some health too. If you use high quality ingredients anything is healthful.

The health information in this blog came from the “Encyclopedia of Healing Foods” by Michael Murray N.D.