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What if?

What if everything that we have been taught has been a lie?  A lie intended to keep the average individual from prospering.  What if the educational system was designed to make you dumb?   What if our entire lives have been previously mapped out by a nearly invisible hand behind the scenes?  What if this invisible hand was not the productive invisible hand of an actual free market system that Adam Smith talked about in his work The Wealth of Nations, but was actually an elite that controlled our reality so that they may harvest our work for their benefit?

What if the modern healthcare system was setup by elites  in order to ensure that the people stopped listening to themselves and instead turned to the rhetoric of science to cure them of all ails?  What if medicine actually harmed, what if disease was actually preventable?  What if modern medicine and pharmacology was used to maintain disease instead of eliminating disease?  What if the disease theory of genetics was wrong?  What if you were able to control your health destiny as Epigenetics suggests?

What if the political system that runs your daily life was a farce intended to allow only those chosen by the elite the ability to be in office?  What if democrat and republican were two brothers in the same family?  They may quarrel, but in the end they will always work together.  What if the original system of the government that America designed was extremely effective, yet through long term planning it has been completely overrun and corrupted?  What if we returned to the principles of liberty that allowed America the opportunity to thrive?

What if entertainment was used to distract you from the true issues in this world?  What if the elite remembered how Romans were pacified through the Coliseum and now, sports is the pacifier of the average American male?

What if fitness is simple, but hard work?  What if walking simply isn’t enough?  What if eating a healthy diet was simple?  What if those in charge want a population that is sick, weak and distracted?  What if they are emasculating men on purpose?

Do you feel as though everything is OK?

Does government appear to be a benefit to your life or does it appear to limit productivity?

What if the welfare state is intended to destroy America through socialism?

Do you feel as though the wars that have been fought have been for your benefit?  What if the military industrial complex benefits from wars?  What if the government consolidates power through war?  What if a Medal of Honor winning Marine General wrote that War is a Racket?  What if governments routinely commit false flag attacks on themselves in order to consolidate power?

What if the currency that you use was the basis of this attack against you?  What if the people that created that currency weren’t even a part of the federal government?

What if you knew that these elite thought of you as cattle for the slaughter (at end of document)?  What if you knew that they intended to eliminate nearly 90% of the world population?  What if waking up to and researching all of this information was all that you had to do to begin to eliminate this threat?  What if the elite have worked behind the scenes because the people would never go along with this if they knew?

What if you knew?

What if you informed others?

Would you to save yourself, your family, and your children?

I would.


I created a new brochure while in school and transitioned it for this site.  I hope that you enjoy it.  It is monochrome so that it is inexpensive to reproduce and it is paired down as much as possible.  Lets all print a bunch of these out and distribute them all over.  It could be an easy way to spread the message.

New version

Brochure technical writing.pdf

Old version

Natural Advantage Brochure version 3 pdf.pdf

The Beauty of Barefoot

Remember growing up barefoot.  The brilliance of running, jumping and playing sans shoes.  Hardly a care in the world was envisioned as a barefooted child. There was always something grounding to it.  You felt more alive.  Truth is there is something to that.  There is good evidence that going barefoot allows you to be grounded to the Earth which then allows free electron transmission from the Earth to your body.  These electrons act as a very powerful antioxidant which could reduce inflammation in the body.  As we know, inflammation is the base cause of many chronic disease.  There is actually a documentary called Grounded that you can watch for a short time on YouTube covering a lot of this information. On the flipside a well respected Doctor that I work with recently stated that skin is not a very good conductor and he thinks that it is highly unlikely.  Of course as a Paramedic it is clear that the skin is capable of conducting electricity as shown through the example of defibrillation of a patient.  Beyond this I tend to side with nature and the simple fact that our long lost ancestors did not wear shoes and we are not born with shoes.

Beyond these aspects it has been shown that running barefoot or with barefoot/minimalist shoes is a great way to prevent injury.  Injuries are prevented by the natural changes in your running style that allow your body to use your lower extremities as the shock absorbers that they are.  With the current running shoe fad the heel of the foot strikers first while running.  This is caused by the shock absorber in the shoe eliminating the pain that you would otherwise have with this type of rhythmic event.  However, running this way causes the body to have a shock from the heel to the hip joint.  After years of this people begin to notice pain the the knees and hip joint from the constant rhythmic pounding.  On the other hand, when you run barefoot your toes touch the ground first and your heel touches down much lighter.  This creates a spring like motion that reduces the impact of the running.  Therefore your joints remain safer.  You also run with a smoother quicker motion that is more under your body instead of in front of your body when you run barefoot.  This quick video demonstrates many of these points.

Beyond all of this there is also information that is available that shows that barefoot or minimalist lifting is good for the body as well.  Two of these reasons are given in “Power to the People” by Pavel Tsatsouline.  Loads of other fitness resources and equipment such as kettlebells can be found at dragondoor.com.  Dragon Door is a fantastic resource.

1. Padded shoes can displace the center of gravity of the lifter leading to unnatural body mechanics.

2. There are reflexes that the body has based upon pressure the body senses.

Because of these issues I have chosen to lift barefoot outside these days.  I also perform all of my kettlebell exercises barefoot as well.  If it is too cold I will wear wear Chuck Taylors which many regard as the best all around shoes for weight training due to their minimalist design and thin soles.  Say nay to the naysayers and refuse those that would force your feet into a struggled tight existence.  Free your feet as nature intended and enjoy the world as we were meant to.  It just makes sense if you were to think about it.

As with every change you want to start out lighter and with less intensity for your body to be able to compensate for the changes.  These techniques should allow the body to compensate for any aspects of poor mechanics.  Your body will become stronger in the areas that you are weak which will then allow you to perform heavier more intense exercise without injury due to that misbalance.  Always remember to lift intelligently and within your limits.  It is important to remain healthy while you are becoming stronger.  That should certainly not scare you off of attempting heavier weights though.  Form is the key to remaining healthy. Challenge yourself within the limits of proper form.  

On a side note I just ran across StrongFirst: The School of Strength and I have become quite intrigued.  It looks as though Pavel Tsatsouline is the Chairman of StrongFirst.  I must look into it more.

Enjoy training one and all.  Lets get stronger.

The Natural Advantages’ Brochure (updated brochure)

I have been working on the issue of health and wellness for several years now. This is a breakdown of everything that I have found to be important in brief. This is a brochure outlining how to be healthy. I hope this is helpful in your fight to remain healthy. Feel free to share this with anyone that you’d like.

Natural Advantage Brochure version 2 PDF.pdf

Updated workout and reasonings

I have determined that I should change my workout slightly over the summer. I am going to mix my favorite parts of Enter the Kettlebell and Power to the People together. My intentions are to create a routine that will allow continued advancement in strength, small gains in size (I do not want to be a russian bear) and approach my workouts with a same but different approach. To do this I will start by dropping my weight on the dead lift down a bit in order to continue practicing my form.

I will use a three day a week routine where I will perform the following:

1. getups for 5 minutes (great core strength builder)

2. kettlebell clean and military press (sets of 5)

3. Dead lift (sets of 5)

4. cardio 5 days a week
I will determine the length of the cardio by using 6 sided dice. Two dice rolled for swings ad snatches and three dice rolled or sprints and the steady state run. (swings/snatches/sprints/steady state upwards of 3 mile run max)

I will perform these using a heavy, light, medium style routine that would resemble the Enter the Kettlebell Russian Kettlebell Challenge routine that I have performed previously with great success. I will modify it however because of time constraints. I will not perform the ladders that are described in Enter the Kettlebell.

On all days I will perform 5 minutes of getups and variable cardio.

On the heavy days (Monday) I will perform as many sets of 5 reps of clean and military press starting with my heavy kettlebell and working down as needed. I will lift as heavy as possible but will not start a set with a kettlebell that I will not be able to finish that set with. I currently own an 62, 53 and 44 pound kettlebells. My girlfriend has a 22 pound kettlebell and a 15 pound kettlebell that I am able to supplement my kettlebells with as well. If you are performing military press with free weights then you are able to use the power to the people style of progressive loading with more precision than you are able to with kettlebells.

I will also perform 5 sets of 5 reps of dead lift. This will start with the typical Power to the People sets. 1 starting set, 1 set that is 10% less than the first. Then as many sets that are possible with good form at 10% less than the second set. Therefore if we are using 100 pounds as the initial set then it will look like this. 100, 90, 80, 80, 80…and so on.

Light days (Wednesday) will be similar but with less sets. It will be clean and military press for two sets only this time. I will also complete dead lift for two sets of 5. Similar to the heavy days first two sets, with additional weight added due to the cycling of the weights.

The medium day (Friday) will also be similar to the first day. Here I will use less sets than the heavy day, but more sets than the light day. I will perform three sets of kettlebell clean and military press. Starting heavy and working down as needed. I will also perform three sets of the dead lift in similar fashion as to the heavy day.

workout example:

All days – 5 min. getups to start. variable cardio (mix of swings, snatches, sprints and steady state upwards of 3 mile) to finish

Heavy Day:

Kettlebell clean and press:

1st set: 62 pounds (5 reps)

2nd set: 53 pounds (5 reps)

3rd set to ?: 44 pounds (5 reps)

complete as many sets with 30-90 sec rest between sets while completing all five reps with good form

Dead lift:

1st set: 100 pounds (5 reps)

2nd set: 90 pounds (5 reps)

3rd set to ?: 80 pounds (5 reps)

complete as many sets with 30-90 sec rest between sets while completing all five reps with good form

Light Day:

Kettlebell Clean and Press:

1st set: 62 pounds (5 reps)

2nd set: 53 pounds (5 reps)

Dead lift:

1st set: 102.5 pounds (5 reps)

2nd set: 92.5 pounds (5 reps)

Medium Day:

Kettlebell Clean and Press:

1st set: 62 pounds (5 reps)

2nd set: 53 pounds (5 reps)

3rd set: 53 pounds (5 reps)

Dead Lift:

1st set: 105 pounds (5 reps)

2nd set: 95 pounds (5 reps)

3rd set: 85 pounds (5 reps)

The next week you would continue to add weight to the dead lift as above. Once you reach a point where you are unable to perform 5 reps at the heaviest weight then you would drop the weight down and work your way back up to a new max. The presses are a little different in that kettlebells make large jumps in weight. As stated above you may use typical free weights to more precisely approximate the Power to the People style of progressive resistance.


My goal is to be able to dead lift 400 pounds and to be able to strictly military press the kettlebell closest to half of my body weight by the end of 2013. I feel as though both of these goals are very attainable.

The reasoning behind the design of this workout is that I wish to gain strength while gaining a small amount of size only. I have proven that you can gain strength without gaining size by performing two heavy sets of 5. The flip side is gaining size. This is done by placing the body under a heavy load as much as possible. Typical workouts to gain size are a simple but heavy 5 sets of 5 reps. This workout will allow me to both cycle my workouts by weight, as well as cycle them by workout density. I will go from working very heavy with many sets to working only a couple of sets.

The Natural Advantages Suggested Reading List

I wanted to present a reading list of books that have been educational to me. In no particular order. I hope that you enjoy it.

Nutrition and Food

In Defense of Food – Michael Pollen

Why We Get Fat – Gary Taubes

The Warrior Diet – Ori Hofmekler

What to Eat – Marion Nestle

Pottenger’s Prophecy – Deborah Keston, Gary Graham and Larry Scherwitz

The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods – Michael Murray N.D. and Joseph Pizzorno N.D. with Lara Pizzorno M.A., L.M.T.


Power to the People – Pavel Tsatsouline

The Purposeful Primitive – Marty Gallagher

Enter the Kettlebell – Pavel Tsatsouline

Return of the Kettlebell – Pavel Tsatsouline

Textbook of Weightlifting – Arthur Saxon

The Development of Physical Power – Arthur Saxon

The Naked Warrior – Pavel Tsatsouline

Super Joints – Pavel Tsatsouline


The Art of Simple Food – Alice Waters

The Flavor Bible – Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

The Paleo Diet Cookbook – Loren Cordain Ph. D.

Agriculture, gardening and sustainable living

The New Organic Farmer – Elliot Coleman

The Permaculture Way – Graham Bell

Maria Rodale’s Organic Gardening – Maria Rodale

Little House in the Suburbs: Backyard farming and home skills for self-sufficient living – Deanna Caswell and Daisy Siskin

Toolbox for Sustainable City Living – Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew

For Your Pet

Work Wonders: Feed your Dog Raw Meaty Bones – Tom Lonsdale

Suggested books that I have not read yet

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – Weston A Price

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine – Michael Murray N.D. and Joseph Pizzorno N.D.

10 Steps to Health and Wellness

10 Steps to Health and Wellness

1. Focus

2. Eat only what you can kill and grow

3. Eat one primary meal a day

4. Use purposeful movements as the basis of your workout

5. Lift heavy, with muscular tension and cycle your workouts

6. Never lift to failure

7. Practice an active stretching technique such as yoga

8. Cardio should be high intensity interval training primarily

9. Rest

10. Do not take yourself to seriously

1. Focus

Focus is the key to a successful workout. You must maintain a strong focus in order to implement everything that is required to move heavy objects. It is important to remember why you are performing these exercises as well as to remember how to perform them. Focus will help you to lift heavier (visualizing the movement before the exercise has shown to increase strength) as well as it will keep you safe by keeping you aware of what your body is telling you.

2. Eat only what you can kill and grow

Essentially this reminds you to eat only real food. Real food comes from the ground. Real food comes naturally to us. Real food is your fruits and vegetables and your meats. Meats must be raised properly (organic and grass fed for beef). It is critical to the body to eat real food. While grains are real food it is important to remember that mechanization has allowed us the ability to eat a significantly larger portion of grains than we would normally eat. It is clear that if you eat real food, with a small amount of grains at the most, then you will be healthy. I do not believe it is necessary to focus on nutrition from a western standpoint where food is broken down to its individual parts. Real food promotes real health.

For more information go to:


3. Eat one primary meal a day

This is key for two reasons. One is insulin regulation and the other is detoxification. By eating one meal a day you force your body to use the energy that it has more effectively. Will you be hungry? Yes, to some extent, but you will be surprised at how easy this is to implement. You should also remember that predators are geared to work at their best while they are hungry. This is shown throughout the animal kingdom as the predator hunts its prey. Only when the predator is hungry does it hunt and this is when the predator must be at its fittest. It’s very survival is dependent on this.

The second reason for this is detoxification of the body. By allowing the body an opportunity to have a controlled fast throughout the day you are giving it a break and allowing it to detoxify itself. In this world of extensive toxicity from our our environments we must allow ourselves the opportunity to detoxify.

For more information go to:



4. Use purposeful movements as the basis of your workout

This is important because you should train your body in a way that is helpful to your daily life. What is the point in training your body to lift your lower leg up while you are lying down in order to build a stronger hamstring? What is the use in that? Outside of being a bodybuilder and performing in shows there is no use for an isolated exercise such as this. If you want stronger legs then you should perform exercises that build stronger legs such as the squat or pistol or dead lift. Therefore I have chosen exercises that allow me to perform a strong press and a strong pull. Both of which are full body exercises that mimic daily activities (bent press and dead lift).

For more information go to:


5. Lift heavy and cycle your workouts

If it is your goal to become stronger then you must lift heavy and you must cycle your workouts. Lifting heavy allows you the opportunity to develop more muscle fibers and to increase the tension in your muscles. This is very important for building strength. Cycling your workouts is key in order to allow for continued progression throughout a lifetime. If you were able to continuously add weight to your bench press every week then you would be able to perform a 1040 pound bench press after four years of training while starting with 0 pounds your first week. However we know that the max unassisted bench is 715 pounds. This was set by Scott Mendleson in 2005 with only belt and wrist straps. Therefore continuos progressions without cycling is simply impossible.

For more information go to:


6. Never lift to failure

Plain and simply you should train for success not failure. Failing at that last rep only promotes failure in the mind. You will not gain any extra benefit from attempting that rep so you should just leave it alone and move on with your day. Do not train for failure, train for success and leave your workout feeling accomplished instead of defeated. You’ll get that rep soon enough.

7. Practice an active stretching technique such as yoga.

Active stretching allows the body to remain flexible and to maintain tension while allowing the muscles the full use of their range of motion. This is critical for the development of the body ensuring the muscle has it’s maximal capability. Without stretching you allow the muscle to tighten up and shorten itself. This can decrease your mobility dramatically.

8. Cardio should be high intensity interval training primarily.

High intensity interval training allows for an extremely effective cardio workout in a short amount of time. It is an extremely good fat burner and it will push your metabolism to a very high rate. When you are performing steady state cardio primarily such as jogging you are training your body to store fat in order to use it on the runs. High intensity interval training does not do this and the differences can be seen easily in the bodies of marathon runners and sprints.

9. Rest

Rest is absolutely critical. If you over exert yourself and continue to push yourself more than you are capable without ample rest then you will decrease the effectiveness of your immune system and you will crash. There is no use in training hard for two months just to get sick. This would set you back to where you started and you will never progress to a high level of fitness.

10. Do not take yourself to seriously

Remember that everyone is on their own path of health and wellness. As long as you are progressing forward and trying your best you are doing well. There is no need to compare yourself to anyone or to fret about missed goals. Reevaluate and continue on. I can assure you that you are progressing just fine if you are able to implement everything above. Furthermore, remember that in a year you will be in a completely different place. Keep your focus on progression instead of perceived stagnation.

Relax and enjoy. Practice getting stronger and keep up the good work. If you fail so be it. Try again.